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Responsibilityof QA Manager

Ø conscientiously implement the company'squality policy and guidlines;

Ø adhere to the "quality first"approach, the implementation of comprehensive quality management, improve theQA personnel at all levels, the implementation of comprehensive managementactivities;

Ø responsible for the quality planning ofthe company's products, responsible for the quality management of the company,and take full responsibility for the problems arising from the qualityassessment indicators and product quality indicators statistics;

Ø responsible for the control of thecompany's measuring instruments, the establishment of a sound measurementequipment management system;

Ø responsible for the identification andtraceability of the company's products in the process of control work;

Ø participate in the review of specialcontracts, qualified supplier evaluation, supplier qualification, unqualifiedproduct review, the formulation of corrective and preventive measures;

Ø responsible for the preparation andexecution of incoming materials, outsourced products, finished productinspection standards, and the development and application of statisticaltechniques, statistics and analysis of various quality record data;

Ø responsible for the production qualitycontrol and quality improvement, control customer complaints and returns, andto investigate the causes, analysis and take corrective action, and submit theanalysis report on time, the formation and implementation of preventivemeasures against nonconforming products;

Ø responsible for material qualityassurance, process quality control, final quality control, set up the overallquality control program, responsible for ensuring the delivery in line withcustomer quality requirements, clear understanding of customer, industrystandards, improve product quality;

Ø responsible for including but not limitedto customer site audit, and responsible for audit results;

Ø to assign, supervise and assess theposition of the personnel, and check the qualified parts and the finishedproducts of the inspectors, so as to examine the quality of work of theInspectors;

Ø responsible for all kinds of reports,inspection, records, quality files, information and all kinds of originalrecords, vouchers, accuracy, completeness, complete;

Ø responsible for organizing all kinds ofsystem documentation, audit and external evaluation of system documents toensure the effective operation of quality management system;

Responsible for the expenditure andeconomic indicators of this part, and coordinate the working relationshipbetween the Department and the relevant departments;

Ø responsible for the department's businessguidance, performance appraisal, personnel appraisal